Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Train 2 Play Sports.

What is the primary goal of Train 2 Play Sports?

The goal of Train to Play Sports is to provide state-of-the-art evidence based information on injury prevention and sports performance training. Train 2 Play Sports uses the research on how the athlete moves during competition and replicates exercises that will optimally train the athlete to perform better in the most efficient timely manner.

Why is age important to athletic development?

The young athlete (8 yrs and beond)is ripe for learning and developing both physically and mentally. With appropriate training at certain time periods of physical development the athlete can see optimal motor learning gains which will help the athlete prevent injury and enhance their physical development. With the early specialization and overuse it is essential the individual develop as an athlete first. Early athletic development provides a physical base from which the athlete can excell at any sport.

Why is it critical to take a long term view on athletic development?

The lack of properly trained coaches often leads to an excessive number of competitions/games and an emphasis on sports-specific skills only with little emphasis on developing physically (agility, balance, coordination, and strength (ABC’S)). In turn, the lack of physical development may lead to incomplete athletic development lending to epidemic of sports injuries caused by inadequate training and or overuse. Some of the parents and coaches of these young athletes approach sports with a “Peak by Friday” mentality. This over-emphasis on immediate results and competitions does not allow the child to develop fundamental physical literacy (Competence in a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments that benefits healthy development.) and skill.

How do Train 2 Play training programs help prevent injuries?

Train 2 Play Sports training programs prevent injuries through optimizing the mechanics and movement of the sport by reducing stress on certain vulnerable body parts. IE. Optimizing pitching mechanics reduces arm stress by using the legs and core to generate most of the throwing force.
Furthermore, the exercise and training program focuses on key muscle groups and body imbalances that are essential for the optimal performance of the sport. Through the training the will be working on increased flexibility, coordination, strength, power, and endurance there by reducing the potential for over use injuries specific to the sport.

Does Train 2 Play emphasize strength training for the younger athlete?

Train 2 Play Sports emphasizes a holistic approach to training that includes; sleep/ rest and recovery, optimal nutrition for sports performance, speed and agility, power and explosiveness, flexibility and mobility, balance and coordination, strength and endurance. All these modalities are dependent on the sports specific needs of the individual.

Does Train 2 Play customize its training regimens differently for pre-season versus in-season versus post-season?

Train 2 Play Sports uses the Periodization Training model. Periodization training is a process of dividing an annual training or competition plan into a number of smaller and more manageable phases of training and competition. Those specific phases are; off-season, specific development, pre-season, and in-season. The Periodization Theory is based on the body’s ability to create specific physical adaptations to the demand of training and competition. By using this type of diversified overload program the athlete will optimize physiological gains while minimizing the risk of overuse injury and burn out.

Why is it important to seek out properly trained coaches?

Proper coaching and training is essential for the optimal development of the athlete.
There are approximately 2-4 million coaches and trainers throughout the country. Of those, only 20% have received any type of training in the skills and tactics in the primary sport they coach (Aspen Institue’s Sports & Society Program by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, 2013). Not to mention the fact, most coaches have little experience in exercise and movement that is developmental and or relative to the sport they are coaching or training. The lack of properly trained coaches often leads to an excessive number of competitions/games and an emphasis on sports-specific skills only with little emphasis on physical development (agility, balance, coordination, strength, speed, power). With this lack of understanding many of the coaches and trainers are not aware that most of the sports related injuries could be prevent or significantly reduced.

In Train to Play Sports I use my expertise as a Coach, Physical therapist and Chiropractor to develop research based training techniques that will optimize performance and prevent injury.

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